We are so pleased to announce that the Virginia suite of Sherborne Upholstery is now available in the full range of leathers. This suite was launched earlier this year and has been so popular with our customers as it has such good all round comfort, coupled with different size options too!

And in leather it looks simply stunning and sumptuous, as we are sure you'll agree looking at this 3 seater sofa below.

The Virginia range has a full range of pieces such as 3 seaters, 2 seaters, chairs & recliners as fixed items or with power and manual actions too.

If you don't want cables trailing across a room then you can also have the Virginia collection of power recliners with a rechargeable action. So this means that it can be recharged just like you would with a laptop or mobile phone as and when required! 

The riser recliner action Virginia model can also be ordered in leather as well now. It looks marvelous and really is a huge benefit to have in the home for those with mobility issues.

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