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To protect your brand new Sherborne Fabric or Leather upholstery we offer the option of Guardsman Fabric treatments or Guardsman Leather protection plans.

Guardsman Fabric Protection Treatment

Many people are concerned about the colours they choose for their upholstered furniture and often opt for practicality over the colours they really want. There are so many new styles, textures and compositions of fabrics available nowadays that you really can design your home exactly as you’ve always wanted it. Now with a fabric protection treatment from Guardsman you can be sure that whatever design, colour or style you decide upon, it will add years of practical use to your upholstery.

The Guardsman protection treatment has been developed to give maximum possible protection against stains. The treatment is environmentally safe and works by creating an invisible barrier around the fibres of the fabric. Guardsman protector leaves no smell and does not alter the look, feel, or colour of your fabric.

Our Guardsman treatments are carried out at our warehouse before delivery of your furniture, and then your fabric upholstery will be covered for 5 years against stains.

guardsman fabric

Guardsman Leather Protection Plan

Alternatively if you decide upon a Leather upholstery item then we can offer the full Guardsman leather protection plan. Leather upholstery looks fantastic in the home and over the years, with the right care, the look of the furniture only improves. Whether it be a classic rich country chair or a more modern streamline sofa you can have this covered for 5 years against stains, rips, tears and even those accidental scratches and gouges caused by jewellery, metal watch straps, buckles or even a surprised pet.

Guardsman Leather

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