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17 May Sherborne Beaumont Riser Recliner Chair
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In a world where comfort meets style, the Sherborne Beaumont Riser Recliner Chair stands out as a beacon of relief for those facing mobility challenges. Whether it's the gentle support you need or the ease of movement, this chair is designed with your utmost comfort in mind.Understanding that comfort is not a one size fits all, the Sherborne Beaumo..
03 Sep See the new Keswick Classic range from Sherborne, a new Fireside Suite in many covers at
0 1219
This is the new Keswick Classic range from Sherborne Upholstery. Available with a choice of 2 wood colours on the legs (Mahogany & Natural) as well as a huge choice of fabrics. There are nicely shaped and padded arms and a great high back which features horizontal seams to create a fabulous enveloping feel as it is sat in. This is the 2 seater sofa..
03 Sep The Sherborne Roma suite now available online at - Sofas, Chairs & Recliner all available.
0 1081
A new launch from Sherborne called the Roma, ....... and we love it! Full length pillow arms and a supportive head roll for the neck and shoulders, this suite gives great all round comfort and with a contemporary & stylish design. Made as a 3 seater sofa, 2 seater sofa and chair this collection also has options of standard and small sizes as can be..
03 Sep The Sherborne Roma Riser Recliner now available in 4 different sizes
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These are the 4 different sizes of Roma Riser Recliner available from Sherborne Upholstery. It's a fabulous collection that has all round comfort with the full depth pillow arms and headroll for extra support for the back of the head. You can have these lift and rise recliners as either dual motor or single motor actions, and with either casters or..
03 Sep The waterfall back Albany design now available from Sherborne Upholstery as a 2 Seater Sofa, Chair and Recliner
0 1127
Now available from us is the fabulously comfortable Sherborne Albany suite. This design has a 3 tiered waterfall back cushion that offers great support to the back of the head and shoulders, as well as the lumbar region too. If you chose a recliner chair then this back cushion really does come into it's own as it feels great to relax back into. The..
03 Sep Sherborne Virginia Suite now available in Leather at
0 738
We are so pleased to announce that the Virginia suite of Sherborne Upholstery is now available in the full range of leathers. This suite was launched earlier this year and has been so popular with our customers as it has such good all round comfort, coupled with different size options too! And in leather it looks simply stunning and sumptuous, as w..
03 Sep The great new Sherborne Virginia suite now online at
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This is the great new Virginia suite from Sherborne upholstery and is available in two different sizes being Small & Standard. Sofas, chairs and recliners can be on a huge range of fabrics and all have options of either manual, powered or rechargeable powered actions, or just standard fixed items. Come and take a look here for more information, it'..
03 Sep Sherborne Malham Riser Recliner now available in 4 sizes and both Single & Dual Motor versions.
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The Malham Riser Recliners from Sherborne are now here in 4 different sizes and with the option of single or dual motor options. Made in both fabric & leather coverings with either a dark or light coloured knuckle they will be easy to coordinate with any home colour scheme. The Petite & Small sizes are suitable for the person of smaller sizes, but ..
03 Sep Sherborne Virginia Riser Recliner now available
0 448
The new Sherborne Virginia models of riser recliners are available to be viewed online now at our website. These recliners can be ordered in many different fabric and have both single & dual motor actions. There are two sizes of recliner being Small & Standard. Please click the link for more information across the models.
03 Sep Sherborne Riser Recliners now with Adjustable Lumbar Support
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All Sherborne Lift and Rise Riser Recliners are now available with an adjustable lumbar support. This is controlled with two additional buttons on the handset. So when sat in the recliner the lumbar support can be either increased or decreased to suit personal comfort. It a marvelous addition and will help with comfort so much.  More details at htt..
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