These are the 4 different sizes of Roma Riser Recliner available from Sherborne Upholstery. It's a fabulous collection that has all round comfort with the full depth pillow arms and headroll for extra support for the back of the head.

You can have these lift and rise recliners as either dual motor or single motor actions, and with either casters or glide feet and of course in a huge choice of different covers.

There is a neat pocket on the side of the recliner that the handset can be hung on or put inside of. The handset has a number of buttons which very smoothly work the action of the recliner. This handset is backlit as well to help clearly see the movement each button will control. 

We particularly like the way that the back of the recliner is framed by the neat wings, and also the great seat width of 20.5" (52.5cm) on each size recliner from Petite all the way up to Royale. There is also the option of having every recliner with an adjustable lumbar support too, this is controlled very easily by the use of a further two buttons on the handset.

For more information about the Sherborne Roma Riser Recliners please visit our website page by clicking here or you can call us on 01283 740004 and speak to Steve, Peter or Carl.

We offer free delivery of these recliners across mainland England, Wales & Southern Scotland too.